[Webtest] mail notify

Paul King webtest@lists.canoo.com
Thu, 26 Aug 2004 09:05:34 +1000

You should try the following patch. It will let you remember 
failures/errors but continue processing and encapsulates what most 
consider best practice in this area:


It is a great candidate to be merged into the main distribution (it is 
backward compatible) but we need to add some tests for it.

Cheers, Paul.

ilfrin wrote:
> Hi,
>   is there a way to notify by mail that a testSpec has failed?
>   I found 2 ways of doing that neither one is good enough ..:
>   set haltonfailure and haltonerror on true, use a ant listener i.e.
>   org.apache.tools.ant.listener.MailLogger and set the
>   MailLogger.failure.to=address1 and MailLogger.success.to=address2 or
>   even turn of the success notifier .. but then if it fails I will get
>   the email but webtest wont produce the report
>   integrate with cruisecontroll and notify via it's mailer but then I
>   think I have the same problem as in method 1 ...
>   any comments on this ?