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	Wow - what an immediate outpouring of response and assistance - thank you all so much!

Unfortunately ... I'm afraid I'm not really able to understand some of the responses, due to my own lack of knowledge. I'll take this advice and try to puzzle through how to add custom step(s), and what the heck that means. Plus, I see a lot of "=" signs in these postings that don't seem to have anything to do with mathematical equality. Don't even ask me about the 3D stuff :-(

	If anybody would like to point me to the resources that seem indicated by my befuddlement, I promise to read them diligently before asking anymore questions that I might not understand the answers to :-)



 In these cases I usually submit the form directly.  I created my own =
custom step, but someone else had posted a step on here ealier this =


My application is fairly javascript heavy and I've managed to get around =
most problems.  Only certain innerHtml uses have forced me to use =
<invoke> to pass parameters.

- Greg

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Hi James,

welcome to Canoo WebTest!

It appears that you have an image button, not a submit button:

<INPUT alt=3DSubmit border=3D0 cache
            src=3D"../images/buttons/bc_Submit.gif" type=3Dimage>

compare with the our selftest examples at

I'm afraid your button neither has a name nor label attribute.

Given the amount of JS in your app I feel that our current version
of WebTest will not be of much help for you ...

Anyway, I'm curious how much you still can achieve.

so long