[Webtest] Click-o-matic issues

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I would expect you to just pass the request through without processing.
Like Phil, I am just using the image tag.  The image looks fine on the first
page, it is the other pages with the frames on it that it starts to become
corrupt or missing.

I will look at the log4j.properties.  I understand that the GUI provides the
processed information.  I was thinking of the console log which I redirected
to a log file.

For the multi-threading, my thought was due to the http protocol issuing
multiple requests at the same time, it may be why images are getting

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> I am now getting a chance to look at Click-o-matic.  When I run it through
my application, the find that the first page displays fine.  When I go to
any of the additional pages, my graphics start to break.    The images are
scrambled in places and others are missing.

Chances are your server sends the images without proper content-type
response header.
For convenience we assume text/html then which results in images being sent
as text :-(
It appears we need more logic here.

> Is there a way in the log to display each incoming request, not just the
ones being processed by Click-o-matic?

I guess by "log" you mean the GUI textarea. This area will only display
processed pages.
There is another log that gets written to the console window displaying more
of the
technical information.
You can configure how much you want to see here by (un)commenting the lines
in the
log4j.properties file that you will find in the Click-O-Mat.jar. see also
http://webtest-community.canoo.com/wiki/space/Click-O-Mat/Features Logging.

> Also, can you handle multiple request streams at the same time?

We currently don't to keep things simple (esp. debugging) in the alpha
We know that we face some performance drain by processing requests
in strict sequence. However, there are a lot of difficult issues to consider
when going multithreaded.

Do you need this feature for a special purpose?


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