[Webtest] Canoo Webtest and SSL Client Authentication and IP- Numbers

Dierk Koenig webtest@lists.canoo.com
Mon, 13 Sep 2004 20:27:56 +0200

ok, thanx for the info.

It appears your jre 1.4.2 standard https protocol
handler is used. It has a rather restrictive
"HostnameVerifier" from the testing point of view.

You use https with host certificates only (no client
certificates). That is, https is used for the purposes of
- protecting the data and
- authenticating the server.

The second goal is not met when connecting via direct
IP address (the server you connect to has a different name
than the one that appears in the certificate that it sends)
and consequently the connection is dropped.

If this gets in the way while testing you can use the
less restrictive webtest protocol handler.
They are set by the so called "ConnectionInitializer".
For your scenario webtest provides the
SunJsseBaseConnectionInitializer in package
, cf.

To use it, set the property
<property name="webtest.connectioninitializer"
value="com.canoo.webtest.security.SunJsseBaseConnectionInitializer" />

(more info under

howto.txt and sslTest.xml