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> From: "Peteta, Gopi" <Peteta.Gopi@pennmutual.com>
> Date: 14. September 2004 18:39:00 GMT+02:00
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> Subject: Request for info
> Dear Mr.Domenig,
> I have a small problem with the Canoo Webtest.
>  I have a servlet that generates some HTML page with a FORM tag. This
> page has a listbox and a submit button. After clicking on submit
> button it submits to itself (i.e, to the same servlet). Based on input
> now the servlet generates someother HTML page which is completely
> different from previous FORM page.
> In order to test the behaviour, I am checking the contect of the
> second HTML page generated using <verifytext>. But unfortunately it is
> not matching. I have looked at the log file and found that it is still
> in the first page even after submitting. I think that due to self
> submission it is caching the contents of previous page instead of
> getting new contents because the URL is same. How to come over this
> problem and get the newly generated content?
> I have tried with autorefresh="true" inside <config>. Still no change.
> What to do to stop the caching of page content?
> Regards,
>  Gopi Krishna Peteti,
>  5450 Wissahickon AV
>  School Lane House Apartments,
>  Apartment # 224-A
>  Philadelphia,
>  USA - 19144.
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