[Webtest] [dev] Problem with Jetty

Marc Guillemot webtest@lists.canoo.com
Wed, 22 Sep 2004 15:59:35 +0200

Hi Dierk,

>>If the selftests fail, jetty won't be stopped and the ant script 
>>will wait infinetely.
> I may be wrong, but to me it seems that in the case of selftests 
> failing, the build proceeds but jetty is not stopped.

just modify a selftest to make it fail and start the build process again...

> Anyway, I feel we should try with http://cargo.codehaus.org.
> It seems to be the cleanest solution that crossed my way so far.

No idea as long as you don't say what you want to achieve.

>>Btw: I'm missing a discussion on the developments done on 
>>webtest. Canoo has made webtest open source but the 
>>development isn't really made in community. Perhaps the Canoo 
>>guys discuss about developments of webtest but this 
>>discussion is not shared.
> If you have an issue that you would like to discuss,
> feel free to raise the issue here.
> I admit that I do not raise discussions before the first steps of
> a new development. Click-O-Mat, ResultViewer, Groovy, and PropertyTable
> are typical examples. I like to start with an (undiscussed) alpha
> version, getting feedback and start discussions with the alpha users.
> This allows everybody to see what we are talking about.
> I feel that preceding discussions are fairly difficult as lots of
> misconceptions arise about the topic. I also admit that I enjoy
> coding more than writing.

it's a general consideration. One of the last cases was the introduction of Jetty.
Click-O-Mat and ResultViewer don't matter as they are independant tools.
For Groovy, it brings a question: what do you want to put into extensions? Till now I thought it was a kind of sandbox 
for non fully selftested steps. As a consequence, I didn't feel concerned to migrate these steps to htmlunit in a first 
time. Now you have Groovy tests in the extension package and they have selftests too.
What I'm missing is some discussion on a "road map" or when something has been done, some explaination on the reason. 
For example the selftests are now as small files in the selftests dir what is really a good thing to simplify/clean up 
the source structure but for instance why are the old versions always in place?