[Webtest] [dev] source cleanup?

Marc Guillemot webtest@lists.canoo.com
Thu, 23 Sep 2004 10:50:38 +0200


as webtest developer, I've had to fight with a sources' structure that was (and for me always is) difficult to 
understand. To facilitate further development, I think that it would be very important to clean it up and to decide on 
some ways to keep it easily to understand.

Some propositions to improve current situation:

- generated files should ALL come in a "build" dir
   currently the build generates files in numerous directories like:
     - doc/api
     - doc/info/manual
     - selftests/reports

- remove unused (?) files
     - doc/samples
     - doc/antrunner
     - doc/package-lists

- why are some files generated during the build under source control?
     - selftests/reports dir
     - selftests/config/WebTest.dtd

- move junit tests in a separate source folder and remove all AllTests.java

- use jsp for selftests instead of html generated from a servlet

These are only starting points for discussion.

Webtest developers: please criticize or praise these propositions, nothing is worst as silence.


PS: to document the source trees of our developments, we use a mini tool that I've written and that could perhaps be 
interesting for webtest. It's a ant task that grab informations walking through the dir and files, write as xml in a 
file which gets transformed to html using an xslt. I could make it a SourceForge (or something like) project, if we 
decide to use it for webtest.