[Webtest] [dev] Cargo

Dierk Koenig webtest@lists.canoo.com
Thu, 23 Sep 2004 11:07:25 +0200

> as long as cargo doesn't provide a cross over task to start / 
> stop / deploy / undeploy a webapp, ...

I just placed an according feature request.

> As already said, I've nothing special against Jetty except that I 
> think it doesn't belong to webtest (should we but a 
> JDK in webtest too ;-)).

The goal is to eliminate all external dependencies other than
JDK  and ANT. (Some Products even come with their own JDK but I
don't think we need that. On a customers side, I have a
WebTest distribution that comes with its own ANT.)

I would also distinguish between dependencies at build time and
at execution time. Jetty for example is only used at build time and
not at execution time. So it doesn't need to be in the
download (which would be a disadvantage as it would increase
download size).

I don't understand the notion of "belongs to". Do Xerces, Xalan,
Junit, etc. "belong to" webtest? We just need it for the build.

> As your discussion with Denis was private, I can't see the 
> advantage of the new solution and only see the problems it 
> brings.

The advantage is the next step into self-containment.
Update from CVS and call "ant". That's all it needs. Before, you
had to care about installing a server and make sure it's 

Please tell about your problems. We haven't encountered any.
What doesn't work for you?