[Webtest] [dev] Cargo

Marc Guillemot webtest@lists.canoo.com
Thu, 23 Sep 2004 11:27:39 +0200

Salut Dierk,

>>As already said, I've nothing special against Jetty except that I 
>>think it doesn't belong to webtest (should we but a 
>>JDK in webtest too ;-)).
> The goal is to eliminate all external dependencies other than
> JDK  and ANT. (Some Products even come with their own JDK but I
> don't think we need that. On a customers side, I have a
> WebTest distribution that comes with its own ANT.)

I'm now happy to know what the goal is.

> I would also distinguish between dependencies at build time and
> at execution time. Jetty for example is only used at build time and
> not at execution time. So it doesn't need to be in the
> download (which would be a disadvantage as it would increase
> download size).
> I don't understand the notion of "belongs to". Do Xerces, Xalan,
> Junit, etc. "belong to" webtest? We just need it for the build.

For me there is a difference between particular libraries that are needed to compile and general technologies where we 
only need a compliance whithout beeing bound to a special implementation.
But this is ok for me, the discussion is over, it "only" needs to work.

>>As your discussion with Denis was private, I can't see the 
>>advantage of the new solution and only see the problems it 
> The advantage is the next step into self-containment.
> Update from CVS and call "ant". That's all it needs. Before, you
> had to care about installing a server and make sure it's 
> running.

For end users I understand, but I think that you could trust developers a bit more (and the server.properties need to be 

> Please tell about your problems. We haven't encountered any.
> What doesn't work for you?

Have you read what I've already written concerning Jelly? Have you tryed it?