[Webtest] [dev] source cleanup?

Dierk Koenig webtest@lists.canoo.com
Thu, 23 Sep 2004 11:38:35 +0200

my two pennies:

> - generated files should ALL come in a "build" dir
>    currently the build generates files in numerous directories like:
>      - doc/api
I agree, remember we need that for site deployment.
>      - doc/info/manual
I agree, remember we need that for site deployment.
It is more difficult to do since we have dependencies in the xml entity
>      - selftests/reports
There is a good reason for generating result files here.
/selftests is supposed to be a "setup template" for using webtest, i.e.
a proposed way to organize files around webtest. A user should be able
to copy that dir and start writing his tests in it.
_His_ reports should go to _his_ reports dir.

> - remove unused (?) files
>    ex:
>      - doc/samples
I agree.
>      - doc/antrunner
I agree. I guess the whole dir can be removed.
>      - doc/package-lists
I disagree. It is needed for the api-doc generation.

       - resources
may also have some obsolete files (httpunit patches are now in /src).

> - why are some files generated during the build under source control?
>    ex:
>      - selftests/reports dir
There should be only one file(readme.txt) to keep the dir in CVS (empty dirs
cannot be versioned). Sometimes generated files get added to CVS
accidentally. To prevent this we should put them in the .cvsignore.
>      - selftests/config/WebTest.dtd
Tricky. Also needed before generation, i.e. at "editing time". So we want to
have the
"last generated" one when updating.
> - move junit tests in a separate source folder and remove all
> AllTests.java

I disagree.

> - use jsp for selftests instead of html generated from a servlet

I disagree.