[Webtest] [dev] source cleanup?

Marc Guillemot webtest@lists.canoo.com
Fri, 24 Sep 2004 09:52:14 +0200

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Dierk Koenig wrote:
> my two pennies:
> ...
>>     - doc/info/manual
> I agree, remember we need that for site deployment.
> It is more difficult to do since we have dependencies in the xml entity
> defs.

what about using xsl:document in the xslt rather than entities in the xml? Indeed the doctype with the entities is the 
cause of all the errors reported during the xslt transformation.

>>     - selftests/reports
> There is a good reason for generating result files here.
> /selftests is supposed to be a "setup template" for using webtest, i.e.
> a proposed way to organize files around webtest. A user should be able
> to copy that dir and start writing his tests in it.
> _His_ reports should go to _his_ reports dir.

what about using the config to output in a "build dir"? I guess that user have their own webtests under source control 
too and it's wether for us neither for them a good practice to have output dirs between source dirs.

>>     - doc/package-lists
> I disagree. It is needed for the api-doc generation.

It's used for offline javadoc generation that's right. But first: who is offline today? And second, it's out of date: 
half of the url are wrong and the listed packages don't correspond to what is currently used.

>>- move junit tests in a separate source folder and remove all
> I disagree.

why? It's a common usage on numerous great open source projects.

>>- use jsp for selftests instead of html generated from a servlet
> I disagree.

why? The jsp are easier to read and to maintain. Who uses freely servlets to generate html code today? Personnaly, I was 
quite discouraged when I wanted to made my first webtest "commitable" after having seen this servlet.