[Webtest] OutOfMemoryError

Greg Vatman webtest@lists.canoo.com
Mon, 27 Sep 2004 15:44:25 -0700

Well, I'm about out of solutions.

* I only ever used one call to taskdefs
* I tried splitting the xml files out by project (1-2 test cases per =
* I set property webtest.resultreporterclass =3D =
* tried using -XX:+AggressiveHeap
* tried setting heap sizes with -Xms and -Xmx

Nothing has helped.  Memory consumption always seems to increase to =
around 150MB and I get an OutOfMemoryError.

Running the script through hprof shows a huge char allocation in =

         percent         live       alloc'ed  stack class
 rank   self  accum    bytes objs   bytes objs trace name
   46  0.40% 43.02%    39000  238 32523352 209686   129 [C

which maps to this stack trace:

TRACE 129:
java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(AccessController.java:Native =

That is alot of unused chars...

I'm out of ideas at this point.  Is anyone else running a large suite =
with many steps?  Has anyone been able to solve a similar issue?  I =
really hoping I don't have to scrap my WebTest project.


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Hi Greg,

there are two major reasons for excessive memory consumption:
1) too many calls to taskdef
2) large result (xml) files

ad 1)
every time your tests hit a taskdef a new classloader is
constructed reading all webtest (httunit, etc.) classes in Memory.
Try having only one taskdef. The /selftests dir that comes with the
doc.zip give an example on how to do that.

ad 2)
when collecting too many results in one xml file the "append" to that
file first reads the file, parses it, does the append and writes it =
This can result in a large memory consumption for large suites.
a) use the PlainTextReporter if its output is good enough for your
b) use a new xml file for each test or sub-suite and merge them
I'm afraid we don't have an example for this, yet.

In our environment 2000 Steps is an upper limit for
what we put into one result.xml. A few hundred would be a typical value.


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Subject: [Webtest] OutOfMemoryError

I'm attemping to run about 35 automated test cases, but I keep getting =
OutOfMemoryError exception.  These functional tests are pretty large and
have many steps involved.  I've tried increasing the JVM heap size
using -Xms and -Xmx (in ANT_OPTS), but it doesn't help.
The memory error always seems to occur after the 28th test (at which =
point a
little over 2000 test steps have been executed).
I've check the mail archive and checked for previous issues:
 * showhtmlparseroutput is set to false
 * &definition; is only used in the main test suite file
 * using the latest version of Ant (1.6.2) and WebTest (507)
Is anyone having success running a large set of tests with many steps?  =
anyone have any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance.
- Greg

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