[Webtest] FW: Iframes support in webtest

Vimal Raj webtest@lists.canoo.com
Tue, 28 Sep 2004 09:40:20 -0700

Thanks so much for your time & cooperation Marc. I have resolved the =
problem, it happened due to my HTML page which was not well formed.


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Hi Vimal,

can you make a sample that is even simplier as the one you sent? For =
instance, I see that there is JS in the page. Can=20
you remove it?

I could probably understand what you sent, but if it takes me less time =
to "decrypt" it, I've more time to solve it.


Vimal Raj wrote:
> Hi Marc.
> Thanks for your response. I have created a sample test iframe.war file =
for you to exercise my problem to test Iframes.
> In this example i have used 2 html files. IframeMain.html is the entry =
page which includes a Iframe( name:ichild), second one is the iframe =
page (child.html). It's fairly simple to understand by looking at the =
code sample.=20
>  Following are the files i used to test this on a jboss environment. I =
have also attached 3 result pages to verify the behaviour of each step. =
By looking at result file "Parent LINK1096047123669.html" you can tell =
that step <clicklink> "goto Parent" doesn't take the user to the =
IframeMain.html page. The focus still remains inside the iframe.=20
> Your help is really appreciated and based on your feedback we have a =
make decision to use webtest.
> Thanks,
> Vimal.
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