[Webtest] More groovy questions/help needed

Marc Guillemot webtest@lists.canoo.com
Wed, 05 Apr 2006 22:55:06 +0200

Hi Mike,

Webtest uses log4j for the logging. The -d param of ant has no impact.

If you use the log4j.properties config file that is provided with
webtest (ie import the provided classpath.xml, or the provided
taskdef.xml or include by your self the lib dir to the classpath when
you define the tasks), you can:

1- define ANT_OPTS='-DlogLevel.webtest=debug' before running your test
2- edit it and change the base log level
3- edit it and add:

If you don't use the provided log4j.properties, you need to configure
log4j the way you choosed.


PS: I thought you were using Webtest at work... at this time? ;-)

Michael Knapp wrote:
> Oops - trying -d....  Sorry. 
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>>>Hi Michael,
>>>I can only answer to 1: the output of a groovy step is forwarded to 
>>>the step's log at the debug level (this information is 
>>missing in the 
>>>doc), therefore you have to configure your log to get debug 
>>level too.
>>Can you point me to  directions for how to do that?  I tried 
>>invoking the webtest with ant -v, and did get much more info, 
>>but nothing pertinent.
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