[Webtest] A flag for test steps not to be counted in summary

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Thu, 06 Apr 2006 16:12:36 +0200

Hi Denis,

OK then I will adapt the report xsl file.

The sqlCommand can do queries to the database and can test the result in a=
easy format like <verifyText>, e.g.

<sqlCommand query=3D"SELECT COLOR FROM CARS WHERE CAR=5FID =3D 4711" value=3D"blue=



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> Hi bernd
> On 6 avr. 06, at 11:05, jkmuc@web.de wrote:
> > I have some test steps that are obsolete and not relevant for the =20
> > test statistic. Is there a possibility that a test step can be =20
> > marked not to be counted in the summary on the top left of the report=3F=

> There are no such flags, but you can easily add a constant to the =20
> description of the steps you want skipped, and adapt the reporting =20
> xsl to skip these.
> > I have been programming a tag "sqlCommand" to create test data =20
> > before executing the real test steps. I would like these steps not =20
> > to influence the test summary.
> Out of curiosity: what can your sqlCommand do that could not be =20
> achieved with ant's sql task=3F
> Best
>     dna
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