[Webtest] Problems building webtest from source

Denis N. Antonioli webtest@lists.canoo.com
Tue, 11 Apr 2006 23:07:08 +0200


On 30 mars 06, at 12:29, Philippe Schoch wrote:

> just recently I encountered the same problem. My solution was to  
> insert a command in the build.xml file (just after the property  
> definitions) to set the desired proxy.
> <setproxy socksproxyhost="socks-gw" socksproxyport="1080"/>

Interesting, that should make it into the documentation, somehow...

> For running the selftest (as in the end of the build process) I had  
> to remove the command again. But it worked out.

Have you tried with the attribute nonproxyhosts?
Like in
<setproxy socksproxyhost="socks-gw" socksproxyport="1080"  
nonproxyhosts="localhost" />


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