[Webtest] having problem with clickButton

Paul King webtest@lists.canoo.com
Sun, 23 Apr 2006 12:28:18 +1000

All I can suggest is posting the smallest example of your test
and HTML page which exhibit this problem. I can't see anything
wrong or any obvious issue with what you have posted so far.

Cheers, Paul.

Bob AFC wrote:
> Thanks,
> But this really smacks of a bug or a bad install or something.
> everything else works well, and I was considering using webtest for qa 
> on my project except for this.
> It seems I can locate the button by any means I want to - so long as 
> there is no name attribute in the tag. I suppose there is a chance that 
> it doesn't like the exact name I am using - but that would be very 
> pathological.
> And yes, the button is in the one and only form on the page.
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>> This seems a bit strange. There are many selftest cases using the name
>> attribute. If you have a name attribute for your (input) button then
>> your test can use some other attribute to identify the button and you
>> can leave out the name attribute or you must have the exact same name
>> attribute in your test and in your HTML.
>> Perhaps this is an edge case. Is your <input...> inside a form?
>> Cheers, Paul.
>> Bob AFC wrote:
>>> the clickButton command does not work if the button is named. The 
>>> example online showed the button without a name so I removed the name 
>>> from my button and the action works fine.
>>>  Since my site design used the button name, this is annoying.
>>>  Ideas