[Webtest] WebTest Recorder for Firefox

Marc Guillemot webtest@lists.canoo.com
Wed, 26 Apr 2006 04:58:35 -0700 (PDT)


I'm glad to present my WebTestRecorder for Firefox 1.5:

http://www.internetzky.de/downloads/webtest/webtestrecorder.png (*)

(only a picture to have a chance that some persons read the whole mail ;-),
link to install is below)

This recorder is not finished and has only a limited set of functionalities
but can already be very helpfull therefore I want to present it now. I'm
currently not interested in bug reports or feature requests: my own list is
long enough.

Why a recorder?

A recorder can be a very usefull tool as well as the beginning of a
nightmare. A recorder can help to quickly write the "base" of tests but will
not be able to refactor and organize common parts of code for reuse, to
parameterize the tests to make them clear and maintainable, ... shortly: the
"added value" of an experimented test writer. It will help to learn WebTest
syntax, make skilled users more efficient but won't allow unskilled people
to write good, maintainable tests.


The recorder appears in Firefox as a sidebar presenting the recorded steps
with (flashy) colors and an XPath explorer.

common events are captured: <invoke>, <clickLink>, <clickButton>,
<setInputField>, ...
Identification of input fields is currently quite basic. In some cases an
erroneous <invoke> is generated after eg a <clickLink>

right mouse click on some elements allows to add steps like <verifyTitle>,
<verifyText>, <verifyInputField>, <verifySelectField>, ...
Keeping the Ctrl key pressed while right-clicking allows to wrap the step in
a <not>

XPath explorer:
the recorder allows to test XPath expressions and view the results of the
evaluation directly in the displayed page. I've first added this tool just
for fun but this is currently the feature I use the most. Take care that
XPath evaluation differs in some cases between Firefox and WebTest.

beside the normal ant task generation in xml syntax, the steps are generated
using Groovy syntax

perhaps should I write it twice and in upper case to reduce future
there is absolute no assurance that the generated steps will work in WebTest
or that they are even syntactically correct! They should be used as an help
while writing test but require an understanding of WebTest. 
Framesets are currently not supported.

And Internet Explorer?

This recorder is a Firefox extension and will therefore not work with other
Anyway if you use IE as your main browser, you should be carefull: I don't
want to be at your place the day your boss discovers how many time you loose
working with IE! And if it's a decision of your boss, you should be even
more prudent as he surely won't be happy to recognize that so many time -
and therefore money - is lost due to him. ;-)

And finally the link to install the extension (tested with Firefox 1.5 on
Linux and Windows):


After installation, choose menu Tool / Webtest Recorder Sidebar to toggle
the display of the recorder sidebar. 

Happy testing,

(*) performing this Google search doesn't give any interesting result ;-( 

PS: Nicky, I thought you wanted to port the feature you've already written
into this recorder...
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