[Webtest] additional results file not generated.

Frank Langanke webtest@lists.canoo.com
Wed, 03 May 2006 09:11:56 +0200

Brian Spindler wrote:
> I have a build file that defines three targets "setup, tests, report" the setup is a call to <delete file="filename"/>, the tests target is calls to <ant antfile="tests/<testfiles>"/> and my report is the standard <xslt call with results.xsl transformation.
> What I'm trying to do is add a similar target for reporting to each of my antfile tasks to output to csv.  I'm adding this as a target to each antfile (I define the property ${TestSet} in each test):
> <target name="report" >
> <xslt in="${TestSet}_results.xml"
>         out="${TestSet}_results.csv"
>        xsl ="results_csv.xsl"
>      force="true"
> />
> </target>
> problem is that the ${TestSet}_results.xml file is not generated.  Is that because I'm calling them in a sub target as ant tasks?  How can I get it to generate the results file for my sub ant tasks?
> If that was too vague I would be glad to provide more info, hope it was clear.
> Thanks,
> Brian
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Hey Brian,

this is more a ant than a webtest problem I guess. Do your tests 
generate a result.xml at all ? Did you set the property summary in your 
config element to true ?

You also may have a look at the <subant> task; it will allow you to run 
one buildfile with one target, like your report-target, over several 
different base directiories. This way you don't have to copy and paste 
the report target to all your files.