[Webtest] Requesting canoo+cruisecontrol integration recipe.

Lothar Märkle webtest@lists.canoo.com
Thu, 11 May 2006 12:20:48 +0200

I collected some xsl from the web and wrote some text about wt and cc

I also have a customizes xsl that produces a index page and a detail page per <webtest> task.
This requires a xslt2 processor, e.g. saxon. If anyone is interested I post the xls somewhere,
but they are based on the maven-webtest-plugin xsls.


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> Subject: [Webtest] Requesting canoo+cruisecontrol integration recipe.
> All,
> I had read  a mail a couple of months ago from Lisa Crispin 
> mentioning she 
> had cruisecontrol successfully integrated with canoo tests, including 
> reporting etc. If she or anyone has a checklist of steps to 
> do this, or can 
> provide XSL stylesheets etc, i will be extremely oblidged.
> Many thanks in advace!
> Vik.
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