[Webtest] FW: follow certain frames in redirected pages

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Tue, 16 May 2006 07:41:22 -0700

hi, I forwared your mail to the mailinglist.


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From: Tobias Schelling
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Subject: follow certain frames in redirected pages


i have a question:
we have a web application which uses a main page ( A ) which holds 2
iframes ( navigation B and content C ). when i first start this
application from my browser or after a timeout, ... i get redirected to
the login page ( which is page A filled with a login form in iFrame B )

with the <invoke> command i load the page A. webtest follows the
redirects and recognizes the iframes correctly. everything is ok until
now. the problem is that somehow webtest decides to use iFrame C as
"current response" but i have to access iFrame B.

once i am "in" iFrame C i can not do a "followFrame" anymore to go to
iFrame B. you have a bug (feature) in your tracking system which
requests a feature to access to top frameset "followFrame name="_top"
"( page A in my case ) ...

do i have another solution ( until this feature is implemented ) to
force webtest to go to frame B instead of frame C ? i assume that
webtest just follows the last iFrame it finds ... can i force it to use
the first iframe it finds?

the whole issue is a bit complicated to explain, ... i hope i made my
point clear ... otherwise feel free to ask ...


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