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Tue, 16 May 2006 16:53:44 +0000

I DID announce the CFP on this list way back last fall, but I neglected to post an announcement once the program was up on www.agile2006.org.

We do have a great program.  We have presenters from all over the world, including 'big names' and (I think, more importantly) people 'in the trenches'.  There's a schedule at http://www.agile2006.org/ProgramLayout-2006-04-01.pdf (although it is slightly out of date) and they are working to get the abstracts and the final program up on the website.

I'm doing a tutorial too, on helping business stakeholders get the software they need.  Not as interesting as Paul's, which I definitely plan to attend!

There are many testing-related, hands-on tutorials including "Scripting Web Tests" by Chris McMahon, an exploratory testing tutorial by Michael Bolton, TDD tutorials for both C++ and J2EE, unit test patterns and smells by Gerard Meszaros, FIT and FitNesse tutorials, many more.  I was the Discovery Session track chair; unfortunately we didn't get a lot of testing-oriented submissions for that track, but we have one on "Example-Based Specifications" with Brian Marick and Bill Wake.  There are lots of good Discovery Sessions on subjects such as distributed agile, pair programming, team and process improvement and facilitating change.  

My two favorite session titles this year are "Crushing Fear Under the Iron Heel of Action" and "Making Movies and Software at the Speed of Thought!"  

The best part of this conference is always meeting other people with similar challenges and learning how they've solved problems and approached things like test automation.  Because it's an international crowd, you get a lot of different perspectives.  There will be an Open Space running most of the conference, which is always productive.  Lots of great experience reports and research papers too.

Last year the conference sold out before it started, so don't wait too late to register.

Also, it's not too early to think about what proposals and/or papers you could submit for Agile 2007!

-- Lisa 

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From: Paul King <paulk@asert.com.au>
> Marc Guillemot wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I've just discovered that Paul King ("our" Paul King, Webtest committer)
> > will hold 2 tutorials about Webtest in the coming Agile Conference
> > (Minneapolis, July 23-28) [1, 2]. (Paul, Lisa, you could have told us
> > earlier! ;-))
> > 
> > Paul, can you tell a bit more about your tutorials? The conference is not
> > yet sold out and perhaps will some subscribers of this mailing list want to
> > go to your tutorials to get information from the source.
> Thanks for the plug Marc. Yes, early-bird registration closes at the end
> of next week, so now is a good time to be considering the conference.
> There really is an incredible list of topics/speakers.
> As far as I know I am only giving the one tutorial - it is what they
> call a "long tutorial" taking up two tutorial slots, i.e. we have
> most of the afternoon to go through the capabilities of WebTest.
> The topics I am planning to go through include:
> • Introduction: Issues involved in testing web applications, advantages and 
> disadvantages of various approaches
> • Available alternative tools: Watir, Selenium, 
> jWebUnit/HttpUnit/HtmlUnit/Jiffie,
>     PushToTest, Jameleon, Solex, XmlUnit (short overview)
> • Ant Summary: Ant for Newbies (short overview only)
> • WebTest Basics: configuration, structuring and grouping tests, control, 
> reporting
> • Testing Page Content: text on a page, using XPath, using Regular 
> Expressions, testing links (includes lab)
> • Working with Forms: checking fields, setting fields, submitting forms 
> (includes lab)
> • Testing JavaScript: simple usage scenarios, enabling and disabling, 
> emulating browser behaviour (short overview)
> • Using Scripting in tests: using the power of scripting within your tests 
> (includes lab)
> • Advanced Topics: Testing cookies, HTTP headers, SSL, Custom Steps, 
> Data-driven tests, Tips and Tricks (overview)
> • Testing non-HTML pages: XML, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, Files, Emails, 
> Databases (short overview)
> • Available Tools: Recorders, Reporting Tools (short overview)
> Time is quite short but I am hoping to have labs. The logistics
> are still being worked out but as a minimum I will "demo" the labs and
> people with their own laptops will be able to follow along if they wish
> and I think all attendees will have the canned examples that they
> can take home if time runs too short.
> The tutorial will be oriented towards examples and pragmatic advice
> with guidance on using WebTest within an Agile development/testing regime.
> If anyone does attend, be sure to say hello.
> Cheers, Paul.
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