[Webtest] filters

Brian Spindler webtest@lists.canoo.com
Fri, 19 May 2006 22:14:54 -0400


I've been looking at the filter steps and believe they are what I need =
however I am having a hard time finding all the logic I need so I hoped =
someone could quickly point me in the right direction.  This is a =
simplified example of the HTML that I might want to filter:

<p> Servers Added:</p><br/>
<p> Servers Modified</p>

I was using a selectLinesFilter to try and capture the =
"Server1<br/>Server2<br/>Server3<br/>" however what I am trying to =
accomplish is to extract the servers and compare them to the results of =
another HTML page.  The reason I think this is going to get difficult is =
because the other page the server names will be within <td></td> tags.  =
Does this mean I need to extract the server names individually to where =
I confirm there existence one by one with verifyText steps?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.