[Webtest] Any way to test webservices/SOAP with webtest?

Paul King webtest@lists.canoo.com
Thu, 25 May 2006 07:51:30 +1000

Michael Knapp wrote:
> I need to do a lot of SOAP tesing for an upcoming project  and would
> love to use WT.  Is it  possible?  Any plans for a SOAP module/steps?
> Or any other tool that you'd recommend (and if it could be configured to
> work with ant/WT all the better)?

If you look at the documentation for the invoke step you will see a SOAP
example. I work on a project where WT is used for testing a document-style
web service. This works well. If you have an rpc style WS then Groovy
might make more sense.

Cheers, Paul.