[Webtest] Using dbUnit XML files as properties fixtures?

Rob Manthey webtest@lists.canoo.com
Wed, 07 Jun 2006 16:25:44 +1000

Thanks Mittie, I think I can use this.  One clarification:


What is the [0]?  The first customerDetails record that appears in the
xml file?
Is there a way to select the record by reference to an attribute? ie:


Cleary this has the trap of returning a cursor (0-n elements), not
necessarily a single element, so that requires some handler I suppose?


on 07/06/06 16:15 Dierk Koenig said the following:

>Hi Rob,
>generally, I would use a little Groovy script to parse your
>XML and traverse the values via GPath.
> def file = new File('./includes/dbUnitTestData.xml')
> def dataset = new XmlParser().parse(file)
>and refer to it via e.g.
> dataset.customerDetails[0].'@customerName'
>Now there are at least to ways of using this approach, depending
>on what you want to do:
>- create a temporary properties file via Groovy before the WebTests 
>  are started and refer from WebTest to this file
>  (if you need lots of this data and it is representable
>   in the flat properties format)
>- in course of your tests, store xml values in WebTest properties
>  by using little Groovy steps
>  (the most flexible solution)
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>> Subject: [Webtest] Using dbUnit XML files as properties fixtures?
>> Hi, I have a moderately bulky app that has some dbUnit xml test fixtures
>> already in place for unit testing, and I want to re-use them (or
>> similar) to load the db with data and then use webtest to look for that
>> data bubbling up.  I currently have duplicated data in property files
>> that webtest looks for, so the db loads from xml files and webtest uses
>> .properties files - duplicated fixtures.
>> Is it possible to have the webtests refer to the db unit files (similar
>> to the following) to fetch anticipated values for the webtests?  Ideally
>> I'd like to just reference the dbUnit xml file as an include or
>> something (as per the referenced .properties file, but accepting and
>> parsing xml) and then reference the value as some sort of dotted
>> property with collection handling ... eg follows.  Alternatively is
>> there an obvious framework combo that others use to have the same
>> fixtures both to preload the db and to then test the UI response?
>> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
>> <!DOCTYPE project SYSTEM "./config/WebTest.dtd"[
>>   <!ENTITY dbUnitTestData SYSTEM "./includes/dbUnitTestData.xml">
>> ]>
>> <project name="T3000ConfigRegionsTest" basedir="." default="all">
>>   <property>
>>       &dbUnitTestData;
>>   <property>
>>  OR
>>   <property file="./includes/dbUnitTestData.xml" />
>>   <target name="test">
>>       <testSpec name="test">
>>       &testconfig;
>>       <steps>
>>             <invoke url="http://Yadda.com" />
>>             <verifyText text="Hi!
>> ${dataset.userDetails[thingID[2]].username}, welcome to Yadda.com" />
>>             <!-- KABOOM -  in case you've googled this and don't read
>> the context, this DOESN'T WORK at date of writing! -->
>>       </steps>
>>     </testSpec>
>>   </target>
>> typical dbUnit file structure:
>> <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
>> <dataset>
>>   <customerDetails customerID="1" customerName="Yaddayadda" />
>>   <thingDetails thingID="1" customerID="1" thingName="Yadda"
>> thingType="Yadda" />
>>   <thingDetails thingID="2" customerID="1" thingName="Yadda-Yadda"
>> thingType="Yadda" />
>> </dataset>
>> Thanks for any time you spend thinking about it.
>>  Cheers
>>  Rob
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