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Wed, 07 Jun 2006 17:58:50 +0000

WebTest is quite a bit different from tools such as SilkTest and WinRunner.  I've used WinRunner-style tools quite a bit, and I'm much happier with WebTest.  

When you run a WebTest script, it will capture all the screens which come up so that you can look at them at the end of the test, if you like.  This is helpful when you are trying to investigate a test failure.

I believe there are tools now to help you get started writing WebTest tests (I'll let someone else answer that question).  I don't use them as I find it easy to write the XML files.

One difference between WebTest and a WinRunner-style tool is that with WebTest, you're specifying a test with XML, you aren't writing a program.  You're less likely to produce a test script which itself has bugs.  It's possible to put logic into WebTest scripts with additional tools such as Groovy.  But I have been surprised how much value I found with WebTest scripts which in some ways seem less powerful than the WinRunner-type scripts I used to write, because they don't have all the programmatic elements.  What I've found is that even simple scripts can find a lot of defects, and they're less expensive to write and easier to maintain.  In a way, I had to re-learn how to write automated tests when I learned WebTest, and I feel I wrote more effective tests with WebTest than I had with traditional capture-playback tools.

The main reason we chose WebTest is that we wanted a tool that the programmers were willing to do.  In my experience, programmers don't like having to learn tools such as SilkTest and WinRunner.
-- Lisa

Lisa Crispin
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From: Prashanth Krishnamurthy <pkrishna25@yahoo.com>
> I just started playing with the product and have the
> following basic questions - 
> 1. Does webtest has capability to run the scripts and
> see the actions in the browser.
> 2. Is there an editor for writing webtest scripts?
> 3. Is there a doc which compares other automation
> tools like Silktest, winrunner etc.
> thanks for ur help
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