[Webtest] Webtest - Basic Question

Dierk Koenig webtest@lists.canoo.com
Wed, 7 Jun 2006 20:15:46 +0200

Hi Prashanth,

welcome to Canoo WebTest.

Lisa was a bit quicker than me when answering
your question - thanks, Lisa!

Anyway, this would have been my answer.

> 1. Does webtest has capability to run the scripts and
> see the actions in the browser.

Canoo WebTests runs the specified tests silently and
unsupervised. That is an important part of our testing
After the run, a report is generated that allows you to 
see any page that WebTest has visited during the run.
See for example the report that WebTest generates
when it tests itself:

> 2. Is there an editor for writing webtest scripts?

There are thousands. Every normal editor does, even Notepad.
Having a good XML- or even ANT-editor in place is certainly 
better. All modern IDEs have that for free.

> 3. Is there a doc which compares other automation
> tools like Silktest, winrunner etc.

No, not at the WebTest site itself.
However, to see how WebTest 
positions itself in the landscape of test tools, see the

happy testing