[Webtest] Build 1307: no base href in saved html responses

Van webtest@lists.canoo.com
Sun, 11 Jun 2006 14:33:29 -0700

I really liked the feature in an earlier 1.x version of webtest such
that a base href was added to saved HTML responses. This base href
allowed me to open saved html responses and view them with external
static resources (mostly images) displayed as long as the web server
that generated the responses was running at the time.

For a new project, we upgraded to the latest 2.x version of webtest
available at that time. So, we are now using build 1307. This version
doesn't have the base href in the responses. I'm setting the
"basepath" attribute in my "config" elements. Is there something else
I need to set to trigger the base href insertion in saved responses
for the 2.x version? I did review the online manual and couldn't
figure out what else needed to be set.

Is this a regression from 1.x to 2.x in behavior? If I were to upgrade
to very latest build, does anyone know whether it would support base
href generation?

- Mike "Van" Riper

P.S. I could resort to post-processing the responses to insert the
base href specifications, but, that would be as a last resort.