[Webtest] Interest for a Webtest Eclipse plugin?

Graham Cunningham webtest@lists.canoo.com
Tue, 13 Jun 2006 14:05:35 +0200

Hi Marc, 
Sounds an excellent idea, I would use it, the hardest part of using webtest
is getting the first test working and then knowing what to do next. All
points that would be helped with integrated help and simple template

I would guess the ant debugger already built into eclipse would be a very
good starting point, seamlessly switching into the groovy debugger would be
very cool. 


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Hi all,

I think that a dedicated IDE support for WebTest could bring real confort
and efficienty and I'd like to start a WebTest Eclipse Plugin project as
sub-project (or related project) of WebTest.

Some of the features I can imagine in such a plugin are (unsorted):
- advanced editing support
- WebTest help integration
- wizards to quicky start a new webtest project
- integrated recorder (a bit like the Firefox plugin I've already presented
but integrated in Eclipse)
- a "run as WebTest" command launching selected test within the normal
complete WebTest setup
- a kind of debugger allowing to set breakpoints and visualize the received
pages while the test runs
- the possibility to continue manual or automatic surf from an executed test
- ...

All these features will surely not be present at the first day ;-)

Before starting the project it would be interesting to know:
- if someone has already tried something in this direction
- who would use such a plugin
- if some WebTest users have Eclipse plugin development knowledge and would
like to contribute

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