[Webtest] expectDialogs too lenient?

Paul King webtest@lists.canoo.com
Thu, 15 Jun 2006 20:02:02 +1000

Marc Guillemot wrote:
> Which assertions would you make using AntUnit? What would it bring compared
> to the WebTest verify steps?

I don't have a very specific example in mind it just intuitively
seems to be a good fit.

It is probably on par with verify steps but with a few nice twists:

<au:assertEquals> has a casesensitive attribute

<au:assertPropertySet> could check whether a failOnError
property was set or not

<au:assertFileExists> and <au:assertFileDoesntExist>
could check that various files we are expecting to be created
have been created

<au:assertFilesMatch> and <au:assertFilesDiffer>
could potentially replace <compareToExpected> in
simple cases

<au:assertLogContains> and <au:assertLogDoesntContain>
could check that those pesky warning messages regarding
redirects don't appear in the log from httpclient! ;-)

Just being able to do:

<au:assertTrue message="something exciting">
  <!-- some condition -->

Where some condition might be any of:

<condition property="isMacOsButNotMacOsX">
    <os family="mac"/>
      <os family="unix"/>

<isfileselected file="a.xml">
  <date datetime="06/28/2000 2:02 pm" when="equal"/>

<length string=" foo " trim="true" length="3"/>

seems useful to me.

I guess we can do all these things using groovy but
antunit might be more accessible to some users of webtest.
And I suspect that antunit will be extended over time.

Anyway, this is all early days since this is ant 1.7 as far as
I know.

Cheers, Paul.