[Webtest] Suite Issue

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Thu, 15 Jun 2006 21:14:46 +0200

Hi Troy,

welcome to Canoo WebTest.

You can use all Ant features to organize your tests, the <ant/>
task is one of the typical options.
For an example see the Canoo selftests under
where build.xml is the master file.


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> I have written a script that verifies the loading of an https login 
> page.  I'm starting to create another test, but am unsure how to use 
> WebTest to run multiple tests.  I'd prefer that each test has it's own 
> file, and it seems like <ant /> is what I would use to call multiple 
> files, eh?  Also, I am not sure where my code for XML->HTML logging 
> should reside.  Would that portion be in each file, or just the master 
> file that calls the rest.  Does this make any sense?
> Thank You,
> Troy
> troy AT spawnordie DOT com
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