[Webtest] webtest reports (was: memory allocation)

Van webtest@lists.canoo.com
Sat, 17 Jun 2006 13:38:23 -0700


I'd like to semi-hijack this message thread to ask how you generate
the nice HTML report. I'm not a complete newbie to webtest, but, I
have been learning as I go and I haven't figured how to produce a nice
report like that from the test summary XML report generated for a
given webtest test run yet. Is this documented on the webtest site
somewhere? Did you use this report task documented on the webtest


If that was not the way you generated the report, please point me in
the right direction. I'm a big fan of webtest and the only missing
piece right now is generating a nice HTML report of the results
similar to what I can do for JUnit tests as part of my Ant build

Thanks, Van

- Mike "Van" Riper

On 6/17/06, Dierk Koenig <dierk.koenig@canoo.com> wrote:
> Hi Luiz,
> welcome to Canoo WebTest.
> How much MBs of memory is that? How many tests (steps) do you have? How long
> do they take to execute?
> Looking at the generated reports, which steps have an usual long 'duration'?
> With a quickly responding server, Canoo WebTest executes about 200 server
> roundtrips per minute, see
> http://webtest.canoo.com/webtest/reports/selftest/WebTestReport.html
> cheers
> Mittie
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> Hello,
>   I'm using canoo webtest in my application and it's taking a lot of time to
> execute. The problem is that the test allocates several MB of memory slowing
> the execution. Why does the tests has to allocate so much memory? Is there
> somehow to flush this allocated memory to make the execution faster?
> Thanks,
> Luiz