AW: [Webtest] memory allocation

Zoth, Jochen
Wed, 21 Jun 2006 14:35:55 +0200

I had similar memory consumption problems. In my case a module of our =
web application generated during a long running test bigger and bigger =
html-pages about several megabytes per page. webtest needed more and =
more memory to process these "big" pages. Probably the heavily usage of =
xpath in some tests increased memory usage additionally.

Have a look at your "webtest-results" directory where the responses are =
File sizes of megabytes could caused high memory consumption during the =
webtest run.


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Gesendet: Dienstag, 20. Juni 2006 02:35
Betreff: Re: [Webtest] memory allocation

=A0 It's consuming about 500MB and its taking about 10 minutes to =
execute. I don't have my xml file right now, but tomorrow morning I'll =
answer how many steps I'm using. Usually the steps are becoming slowly =
as the script is executed.=20

2006/6/17, Dierk Koenig <>:=20
Hi Luiz,
welcome to Canoo WebTest.
How much MBs of memory is that? How many tests (steps) do you have? How =
long do they take to execute?
Looking at the generated reports, which steps have an usual long =
With a quickly responding server, Canoo WebTest executes about 200 =
server roundtrips per minute, see
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Subject: [Webtest] memory allocation=20

=A0 I'm using canoo webtest in my application and it's taking a lot of =
time to execute. The problem is that the test allocates several MB of =
memory slowing the execution. Why does the tests has to allocate so much =
memory? Is there somehow to flush this allocated memory to make the =
execution faster?=20