[Webtest] ant/webtest accumulating ram space and stalling

Vikenty Menshutkin webtest@lists.canoo.com
Thu, 22 Jun 2006 13:34:45 +0400

> Any thoughts?  JVM out of memory was my nagging thought, but 
> I have increased the ram allocations both for ant and for the 
> jvm via ANT_OPTS and JAVA_OPTS in the .bashrc file and the 
> ram allocation increases by that amount in the "System 
> Monitor - Process Listing - Memory", but the task still 
> grinds to a halt at the same step in ant.  Perhaps the memory 
> allocation for the jvm that ant is actually using (perhaps 
> not the .bashrc targetted one) is being set somewhere that I 
> haven't found?

Put ANT_OPTS="$ANT_OPTS -Xmx256m" string into .antrc in your home dir