[Webtest] ant/webtest accumulating ram space and stalling

Frank Langanke webtest@lists.canoo.com
Thu, 22 Jun 2006 11:48:27 +0200

Rob Manthey wrote:
> (I drafted this a few months ago and then shelved it as I couldn't 
> verify that I hadn't caused my own environment problem, but Marc's 
> recent mail about memory leaks reminded me of it, so I'll post it in 
> case it holds some value for anyone.  I still have the problem ... )
> First post to this list, so Hi to all!
> My problem is probably a fairly simple config oversight and probably not 
> even a webtest issue in fact, but I'm stuck so here goes:
> I added some more tests on my 
> Tomcat5.5/Struts1.2/Webtest1.7/Java5.0/RHEL4 web app recently and my ant 
> driven webtests are now grinding to a halt.  Individually each test runs 
> fine and releases the used ram (viewed via linux system monitor gui), 
> but I have a master ant build.xml to run them all and as it runs 
> sequential tests ram is not released and it gradually grinds to a halt 
> and the tests just plain stop mid-run. 

Remove the import task which imports the webtest task from the 
individuall test files and put it once in the master build.xml. So the 
import will be then made only once and not for every test again.