[Webtest] ExpectDialog

Thomas Colin de Verdière webtest@lists.canoo.com
Mon, 26 Jun 2006 11:34:17 +0200

I've the following error, however, the expected dialog box already 
'appear' in the previous page.
So i thought the clickButton won't try to look for a dialog box again. 
Do you have any idea ?

Test step clickButton 
(D:\WebTest\webtests\modules\mainmenu\goCustomermenu.xml:4: )  named "Go 
to the customer menu" failed with message "Step[clickButton "Go to the 
customer menu" (29/31)]: Script error loading page executing webtest at: 
clickButton Wrapped com.canoo.webtest.engine.StepFailedException: 
Expected dialogs but none found!, Step: ExpectDialog at 
with (saveProperty="messageAlert", description="PM_MES_CST_2: expect 
message alert with ENTER dialog message", dialogType="alert", 
stepType="expectDialog") (Embedded script in 
Source code:
function () {
        [native code, arity=0]