[Webtest] Propostion: Standard directory layout for a WebTest project

Paul King webtest@lists.canoo.com
Fri, 30 Jun 2006 00:29:26 +1000

Marc Guillemot wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> according to your remarks, I think that I haven't been as precise as I
> wanted:

I was pretty sure I knew what you meant - just making sure.

>> - Would we permit subdirectories under tests, environment, definitions
>> etc?
>>   (I think we would have to)
> sure
>> - Will the structure make it easy to work with Eclipse/IntelliJ? (I have
>>  always found it hard to use WTP to do XML validation and also have
>>  relative paths to DTDs (e.g. ../dtds/webtest.dtd) and entity declarations
>> etc.)
> to some extend, yes. IDEs have a good support... when tests are "correctly"
> set up. For the rest, we will have to wait for WebTestClipse ;-)
> - definitions.xml -> definitions?
> ??
> definitions.xml is a ant file generated from the content of the definitions
> directory

Sure, just wondering about its placement - fine in top-level directory.

>> - BC issue: will a fixed structure make life a nightmare for existing
>> users?
> absolutely not. No necessity to move
>> - Is there a reason for macro declaration to be through entities and not
>>  just imported directly?
> to keep code shorter, the files within definitions dir don't need to be full
> ant files (that could be imported) but only the macros themselves

OK, IDEs may not format them correctly - they tend not to like fragments
as much but I currently live with this now. And I guess we can support

>> - I am a big Groovy fan but we should support JRuby and JavaScript etc
>>  scripts too
> Groovy was just an example. I meant anything that has to be executed once
> before the tests run.
>> - We need to make it easy for reports to be somewhere else (it is the
>> only directory not part of the source tree)
> yep. All locations will be defined with properties that can be "overriden"
> with other values
>> - We should think a bit about data-driven tests (would all that belong
>>  in environment?) Maybe we could support 'data' too eventually. 
> how would you use your content from the data dir?

I don't have a specific example in mind but just thinking about things
like PropertyTable.

>> I would be happy to help flesh out and trial something. 
> thanks for the help. I have already nearly all ingredients, I just need to
> find time to mix them together ;-)

Happy baking! ;-)