[Webtest] Proposition: Standard directory layout for a WebTest project

Colin O'Brien webtest@lists.canoo.com
Thu, 29 Jun 2006 16:01:07 +0100

Hi Marc,

Below is my current directory structure for webtest, would I be able to
continue using this, or would it be necessary to change things to fit
the proposed structure in your earlier mail...? I think there is some
similarity to your proposal and what I have now so I don't think there
would be that much to change...

          |__(Global includes, config, definition)

          |__(Modules used in multiple test cases)

          |__(Test case property files)

          |__(Actual Test Cases)

          |__(build.xml files)

          |__(Input files required for test cases)

          |__(Report xsl, stylesheets etc...)

          |__(Test suite result reports and last responses


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Hi all,

we've already mentionned the necessity to make WebTest projects easier
start. One element could be to propose a standard directory structure.
this purpose, it would be good to find something on which we have a
consensus. Dierk, Tomi and myself have following structure to propose

- dtds
  - project.dtd (1)
  - project-entities.dtd (generated)  (2)
  - webtest.dtd (generated) (3)
- definitions (4)
- environment (5)
- includes (6)
- reports (generated) (7)
- tests (8)
- build.xml (9)
- definitions.xml (generated) (10)

(1) dtds/project.dtd
the dtd that has to be referenced by the tests. Contains reference to
project-entities.dtd and webtest.dtd and allows to add manually other

(2) dtds/project-entities.dtd
declare entities for all *.xml files from the includes directory.
Automatically generated.

(3) dtds/webtest.dtd
the dtd for all tasks and macros available after tasks and macros
definition. Automatically generated by AntStructure

(4) definitions
the directory where macro definitions and project specific tasks (as
scripts) can be placed as xml snippets

(5) environment
the directory where properties for server, user, ... settings should be

(6) includes
the directory where xml snippets can be placed that will be
made available as entities through the dtd

(7) reports
the directory where the reports are generated

(8) tests
the directory where the real tests are located

(9) build.xml
the main entry point. Imports a webtest.xml from WebTest's home and just
needs to override the wanted targets (if any).

(10) definitions.xml
contains all macro declaration (through entities) and is imported before
tests execution to make the macros available

Comments are welcome.

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