R: [Webtest] WebTestRecorder for FireFox available

Caleandro Caleandro" <kalosandros@katamail.com
Fri, 6 Oct 2006 16:20:08 +0200

Hi Marc,

well, is a good news.
These days I am trying to complete some upgrade to testgen4web that do:
a) allow a better generation of xpath strings for elements (the original was
Upper-case and therefore difficult to be used in Canoo)
b) allow to store and use script-properties with raw-strings or xpath values
(two new action types)
c) activate assert-text-presence and assert-text-absence actions (originally
these action types was inhibited in tg4w)
d) write a light ant-xslt-script to translate scripts from testgen4web to
I am doing ultimate testing.
Now I have some open questions, and many doubts.
1) I worked on rel. 0.38.2 of tg4w. Just today I have downloaded the new
tg4w-release (0.40.0), but have to correct a little problem with italian
localization (Firefox don't start with tg4w). I would integrate my upgrades
in this new release (but ... to be seen!).
2) I don't know how to share this work without impact with any licence or
copyright problem.
3) I am thinking how to document my work (at the moment is all in my mind).
I looked at your url, and figured out a possible idea (but... to be seen!).
4) At the moment all the environment I have arranged is personal; to be
shared it needs to be generalized.
5) Everyday jobs (so much, too much!!).


P.S. Do you remember Selenium?, I neglected it in favour of TG4W that seems
better structured.