[Webtest] Lost dynamic vars using antfile

David TILLOY David TILLOY <dav@nnx.com>
Mon, 09 Oct 2006 10:50:33 +0200

I'm beginner with canoo and Ant, and I've a question about dynamic vars
and their scopes.

I've wrote 2 scripts, main.xml and aux.xml.
The first call the second via a tag <ant antfile="aux.xml">.

All is working fine at this step. Problem occurs when I need to retrieve
datas obtained before "antfile". Script seems to be like 

   <storeProperty name="myVar" value="foo" />

   <ant antfile="aux.xml" />

   <!-- And now, myVar content is lost ;-( -->

So, now my 2 questions :

- Is there a way to control (and prevent) myVar using antfile ?
- Is there a way to retrieve datas from main.xml during aux.xml
execution (I mean, can I retrieve myVar and use it in aux.xml) ?

Google wasn't my friend this time :-(