[Webtest] R: [WTR] WebTestRecorder for FireFox

Caleandro Caleandro" <kalosandros@katamail.com
Tue, 10 Oct 2006 11:00:51 +0200

Hi Marc,

I looked at the web-page on WebTestRecorder, dounloaded the xpi-file, tried
it and looked at the source code.
Nice work.
As I said in previous mail, in past months I worked around a similar
objective. To do this I collected some open source tools available on the
web, and put them together, modifying them to obtain a new product, more
suitable for using in conjunction with Canoo-WebTest.
Now I think we can put our efforts together and obtain a more advanced tool,
helpful to all the community of webtest users.
How do you think about to look at my work? I can send you the sources and
explain all that I did. I would greatly appreciate any your comment and
I would send sources directly to your e-mail address, can I do?