[Webtest] RE: Few Issues with Canoo

Craig Copeland Craig Copeland <craig_a_copeland@yahoo.com>
Wed, 11 Oct 2006 08:13:32 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Srinivas,

Sounds like you need a little jump start with using XPath expressions.  It's a
very powerful tool that is fairly simple to learn.  Here a few places to get
help with it:
- http://www.w3schools.com/xpath/default.asp
  However this tutorial shows you spec 2.0 and jaxen (the library webtest
incorporates) only implements 1.0 at this point.  By what I can tell, the main
differences are only in the functions each spec implements, so...
- http://jaxen.org/apidocs/index.html
  Especially pay attention to the function and function.ext portions.
- https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/1095/
  This is a great Firefox extension that will help you test out your XPath
expressions and give you a guess about how to reference particular elements on
your page.  It does a great job with showing you collections that an xpath
expression generates and when you have a syntax error in your expression. 
However, it doesn't do so good with many of the functions.  For some reason,
even though it will not report 'syntax error', it also will not show you the
results of your function.
- http://webtestrecorder.canoo.com/
  Marc has created a Firefox extension that will do similar xpath evaluation,
however it's in the early stages of development and may interfere with
right-click operations in Firefox.  I install (and uninstall later) when I need
to test out some of my xpath expressions.
- An example:
  will evaluate correctly if you're submit button is has the attribute disabled
set to 'true'.  Or, most applications will just omit the 'disabled' attribute
altogether when it is enabled, so you may can just do this:
which will simply look for the disabled attribute.

> verifyXpath does not contain any property field.
> If you used it, can you give a sample snippet.

Hope that's not too much, but these have been the resources that have really
helped me.


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