[Webtest] Maven2 plugin Java or Ant

Peter Anning Peter Anning" <PAnning@dialectpayments.com
Fri, 20 Oct 2006 16:17:02 +1000

Hi All,

Ejaz has made available some code that wraps webtest as a Maven 2 Ant
Plugin. Whilst I am very grateful to Ejaz for his code I had expected it
to be a native Maven 2 Java Plugin. All the Maven Plugins that I have
written have been in Java. So my question is does anybody have any
opinions; ant or java?

Java would involve plugging into the webtest api behind the Ant layer.
Is this a good or bad thing to do or is webtest bound tightly to Ant. I
guess if it is bound tightly to Ant Ejaz's Maven Ant plugin may be the
way to go. If it has been designed to be loosely coupled then maybe I
should look at writing Java version.

Best Regards

Peter Anning

Sr. Developer