[Webtest] Feedback of WebTest @ OOPSLA 2006

Marc Guillemot Marc Guillemot <mguillemot@yahoo.fr>
Wed, 01 Nov 2006 10:17:16 +0100


just a few words on our (Dierk König and myself) WebTest demo at the 
OOPSLA conference last week in Portland.

The time slot for the demo was quite short (30 minutes) but it was 
repeated 4 times. Between 75 and 80 persons have assist to our 
presentations. 30 minute was quite a short time but I hope that we could 
show some of the benefits of WebTest and some aspect of test automation 
in general (and it seems that general knowledge about test automation is 
not that good!).

The demo abstract as well as the demo slides (these are not so 
interesting without presenter) are now available on WebTest site:


Happy testing,