[Webtest] Re: error screen

Paul King Paul King <paulk@asert.com.au>
Wed, 08 Nov 2006 06:23:39 +1000

Moved to mailing list as others might provide additional info ...

prabir bhakat wrote:
> Hi
> How can i catch all errors and exception in a single script
> My config part is like this
> summary="true"
>   haltonerror="false"
>   errorproperty="true"
>   saveresponse="true"
>   resultpath="/tmp/results"
> but it is showing only the first exception from there it is not going to 
> the other screen

You have to split your scripts up into smaller pieces.
Each WebTest within a script will be executed but once
you have an exception in one WebTest it will move onto
the next and not run any further.