[Webtest] Re: Error: http://webtest.canoo.com/webtest/manual/WebTestHome.html

Marc Guillemot Marc Guillemot <mguillemot@yahoo.fr>
Fri, 17 Nov 2006 09:04:58 +0100

Hi Michael,

Mailing list is ok for that. It seems that my refactoring from yesterday 
has consequences on the documentation that are not detected by the 
numerous tests of the build process. I have to fix it today. Thanks for 


Michael Habbert wrote:
> Hi Out there,
> is their anybody who knows - who has to be informed about an error on 
> the online webtest-manual?
> My be someone knows. Since yesterday the web-manual of webtest is not 
> working;-/
> greetings
> Michael Habbert