AW: [Webtest] Always failing when some text is found on page

Zoth, Jochen Zoth, Jochen" <
Tue, 21 Nov 2006 10:09:31 +0100

Hi Alex,

We had a similar issue few days ago. It was about how to do a set of =
steps on every page / response you get.

The only difficult Marc has, is to find a good name ;-)

" - recurrent check that should occur on each new page. Currently the =
only way to do that is to included (for instance with an entity) the =
verification checks each time when a new response is received. This =
works perfectly and is flexible but it's a bit cumbersome and it's too =
easy to forget the verification on some pages. Ideally WebTest should =
provide a way to specify (verification) steps that have to be performed =
each time a new response has been received. I've had this idea on the =
beginning of the year but WebTest internal didn't provide the =
possibility to (easily) implement this. Since the refactoring post 2.1 =
this should now be possible and the most difficult will be... to find a =
good name for this. Suggestions are welcome. (Marc)"

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[] Im Auftrag von Curelea, Alexandru
Gesendet: Montag, 20. November 2006 23:03
Betreff: [Webtest] Always failing when some text is found on page

Hi all,=20
I suspect the following isn't possible in Webtest, but I thought I'd ask =
Is there a way to specify (preferably in a central location like a =
config file) some text, such as "Internal server error", which will =
always cause a page load containing that text to fail?
My reasoning is the following:
Since Webtest simulates a user's actions, there are certain errors (such =
as the above-mentioned "internal server error") that the user should =
never be able to cause.=A0 If such an error is caused by any of the =
tests, it should be fixed (eg. it is never "expected behaviour" for the =
test).=A0 When the error is given, it might not always be caught by the =
checks on that page, but it will invariably cause the test to fail later =
on - it would save a lot of time when reading the test results if it =
failed right away.
I could, of course, put a VerifyText inside a Not after every page =
load.... but that isn't really an attractive option, since our test =
suite numbers in the thousands of steps by now.=A0 This is why I'm =
hoping for a way to tell Webtest to always fail when it encounters that =
text, no matter where.
As I said, I can't really see any way to do this, so I will most likely =
end up just adding that check in all of our key modules.=A0 But any =
ideas are very welcome!