[Webtest] Connection timed out error

Marc Guillemot Marc Guillemot <mguillemot@yahoo.fr>
Thu, 23 Nov 2006 10:40:56 +0100

Hi John,

I guess that you're original mail has been rejected from the mailing
list due to the attachments (I haven't looked at them either as it would
take me too much time).

Can you run you WebTest directly with ant rather than with the
webtest.bat script or look if a cruise.console.log.xml file has been
generated? The stacktrace I'm looking for should be displayed on the
console (or in the log file).

is the execution log intentionaly hidden? Personally I use the
webtest.{bat|sh} scripts only to build webtest and dislike using them
when I run my own WebTests. If it is not the case, what about moving the
logger settings from the shell script to the cruise caller?

The js errors you see when opening result files saved by WebTest are
probably normal as the references to external js files are lost. The js
error you get when running the tests is probably an other problem.

Concerning your automated test tools choice, I don't wont rail against
testing tools here but remember that test automation is a software
engineering activity. Non technical testers can surely generate some
tests that can be run but creating test suites that are easily
maintainable over a long time requires other skills. Captured script are
typically not really adaptable and require re-recording what is not the
best way to prevent for regression (we develop it a bit in our OOPSLA

What my "WebTest users" list concerns: just tell me if you decide to use
WebTest and I will add Air NZ to it.


John and Pip wrote:
> Hi Marc,
> All that I see in the DOS console is:
> C:\WebTest\doc\ISIS>webtest -buildfile tempTest.xml
> C:\WebTest\doc\ISIS\tempTest.xml:11: Canoo Webtest: R_1438.
> Test failed.
> Test step steps (C:\WebTest\doc\ISIS\tempTest.xml:13: ) null failed with 
> message
>  "Step[clickLink "Submit" (47/50)]: Script error loading page executing 
> webtest
> at: clickLink Wrapped com.gargoylesoftware.htmlunit.ScriptException: 
> Connection
> timed out: connect (Wrapper definition for javascript url#1)
> Source code:
> GargoyleWrapper8()"
> Total time: 50 seconds
> I've also attached the results.xml. I don't think there is any more 
> useful detail here. Is there some other log file produced or some way to 
> turn debug logging on?
> I've also attached the final "screen" capture file. I had neglected to 
> mention that there is a javascript error when I open that file in a 
> browserbut I doubt that has anything to do with it because the page 
> actually must be getting submitted as I get a booking in the system. 
> Webtest just doesn't seem to then get to the next page. Also hard to 
> report the javascript error to the development team as a defect because 
> it only appears in the saved WebTest HTML file, not in real use. I've 
> shown this in screenshots in the Word doc attachment.
> re the href:
> The form is defined with:
> <form method="post" action="/isbook_en_NZ/book/reviewAndPurchaseCash.do" 
> onsubmit="pleaseWait(); calChecksum(); return true;" 
> id="reviewAndPurchaseCashForm">
> and the button/link to complete purchase as:
> <a 
> href="javascript:pleaseWait();calFormChecksum();MM_findObj('reviewAndPurchaseCashForm').submit();"> 
> <img src="../images/btnpurchase.gif"
>         width="139" height="20" border="0"
>         alt="Purchase Tickets" />
> </a>
> so I don't think there is much choice. The problem is the development 
> team attempt to make these pages hard for robots to navigate (close to 
> impossible in production by randomising control names) but I can get 
> round it to some extent in test environment. However, asking them to 
> modify code is expensive and I'd rather avoid it if at all possible.
> Another tool I'm looking at (QEngine) identifies this control with a map 
> file entry:
> <ELEMENT ID="[this is the local name the tool uses so not related to the 
> HTML]" alt="Purchase Tickets" browser=" IE6.0" class="NONE" 
> formname="NONE" id="NONE" index="0" name="NONE" 
> source="http://aklia781:57106/isbook_en_NZ/images/btnpurchase.gif 
> <http://aklia781:57106/isbook_en_NZ/images/btnpurchase.gif>" 
> sourceindex="359" tagName="IMG" title="NONE" tooltip="NONE" value="NONE"/>
> so not sure whether I could refer to the image or better yet the alt tag 
> rather than to the html in WebTest? Ah, I suppose this is where I would 
> use the xpath parameter to clickLink right? I guess I could also put in 
> a request to have alt added as an option to clickLink?
> On your final question regarding Air NZ: I am currently doing an 
> evaluation and selection of a tool for them to use for automated web 
> functional testing. It is intended to be used by non-technical testers / 
> BA type people so pushes the ease of use boundaries of WebTest. Paul 
> King has kindly offered to help and mentioned that the goal is for 
> WebTest to be usable in this sort of context. We are also evaluating 
> another tool (QEngine).  One of the internal development teams has also 
> written their own java tool similar to WebTest and I hope to at least be 
> able to persuade them to use WebTest instead, but my primary goal is to 
> find a tool my team can use - not their team. So it would be premature 
> to list Air NZ I'm afraid.
> thanks and regards,
>                     John