[Webtest] Why do you use WebTest? ;-)

Paul King Paul King <paulk@asert.com.au>
Fri, 24 Nov 2006 06:24:20 +1000

John and Pip wrote:
> - Handle IE and Firefox. WebTest does not drive a real browser. We need 
> pages that work in IE and Firefox so ideally in our web-gui-based 
> testing we would be testing this, not functionality in the simulated 
> environment of HTMLUnit. One example of this is having to put ? in path 
> of URL instead of / to avoid 302 errors that I posted about last week. 
> Another example is the confirmation page not being found that I posted 
> about this week.
> [..]. If WebTest could transparently select 
> whether to use HTMLUnit or a real browser to execute the same test (not 
> sure how - don't like selenium etc that require proxies so would I think 
> be best to drive browser through their own native interface e.g. 
> Com/ActiveX I guess for IE), and if it could be supported as a fixture 
> within Fitnesse, that would be Nirvana for me.

We could consider embedding jwebunit 2.x but it sort of has lowest
common denominator functionality which doesn't really work for me: