[Webtest] Why do you use WebTest? ;-)

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Hi Marc et al,

For me (and CAPE) I guess the main thing is the open source status of
WebTest, we don't have the time or resources to pour into an all
encompassing solution like TestDirector or the Rational suite of test
management applications.

Secondly, I found that the learning curve with WebTest is a lot less
steep than some other tools, once I was introduced to the tool I found
myself writing useful test cases within a couple of hours...

A third and very significant reason is that once the test cases have
been written they can be executed in an unsupervised manner i.e. I can
kick them off on my office machine and still be able to continue with
other tasks on the same box. With other GUI tools, such as those of the
record and playback genre, they take over the hardware resource and you
cannot use the machine until the test suite has completed.

The documentation and support available via the mailing list is also a
significant factor in our continued use of WebTest. I have tried to
contact some other mailing lists regarding initial startup or errors
encountered with simple test cases and I have not received anywhere near
the same level of knowledgeable support I have received from the WebTest

Obviously the continued development and improvement of the tool is also
another factor, prompt addition of new features and correction of issues
is a huge bonus for users of the tool.

Throw in the portable nature of the solution also so it can run on Win*
or *NIX OS environments, there's another reason...

Hopefully this goes someway towards answering your question... :-)

Kind Regards,

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Hi all,

why do you use WebTest rather than some other test tool (commercial or 
open source)?

Of course I have some ideas on this question ;-) but as WebTest 
committer I'm surely not objective when comparing WebTest to others. 
While presenting WebTest I've already encountered difficulties to 
convince that it was the tool of choice. I think that it occurs 
particularly when people don't have any real experience of automated web

application tests and therefore can't understand "real" arguments. From 
your experience as WebTest user, what would you say to persuade someone 
wanting to start test automation for a webapp to use WebTest rather than

something else?

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